The Ultimate Bachelorette Pad Decor Ideas


Bachelorette pad decor ideas for women, independent girls and boss babes to create a living space that meets their lifestyle standards. Budget and rental apartment friendly tips included.

Designing a bachelorette pad is the ultimate dream of every independent woman out there, who is living her life on her terms. But most of us start by starting our work and renting out an apartment. So, at this stage it’s understandable to not to have a lot of money to spend on the interior decor of a rental apartment.

But not to worry, this article shows you enough bachelorette pad decor ideas for you to decorate your apartment from budget friendly to expensive ones. We have gathered decor inspiration from reputed online sources and most of them can be simplified or altered for rental apartments as well.

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Before you start –

  • Before you begin to re-paint the walls or order new furniture, go through and make a list of the things you already own and their features such as the fabric, colour, its design (antique, modern, boho, moroccan, etc.)
  • Sort them out and get rid of the things that need to be replaced.
  • Now, make a list that of things that you need to buy. This can be based on its purpose. In other words, whether it will be functional or purely decorative.

For more tips. read The Ultimate Guide on How-to Budget & Decorate Your Apartment.

Bachelorette Pad : Living Room

Create an interior that’s a reflection of you without compromising when you have got the time. Make it cozy or stylish or bold… just the way you like it.

A pop of colour & brightness

This one is a no-brainer with white walls. Use furniture in your favourite colour or any bright/ bold colour.

Keep all other accessories in neutral or light shades. Keep the room colour palette limited. Use wood in lighter finish. For even more lighter and fresh feel, use accessories in bamboo, jute, etc. Use fabrics that are light and breathable.

Remember: Pick a colour that you are sure that you won’t get bored of easily, since buying furniture is a long-term investment.

A boho comfort

Something bold within budget

For a wild expressive soul

A charming bachelorette pad living room

A chic living room

For the traveller soul

For the romantic soul

A practical look within budget

A sophisticated chic look

Bachelorette Pad : Bedroom

dummy text

Add some energy & freshness

An affordable scandinavian decor

Relaxing decor for a sound sleep

For the love of industrial decor

Bachelorette Pad : Bathroom

dummy text

Something quick & within budget

Bachelorette pad with an ultra-modern bathroom

A bachelorette pad bathroom fit for a princess

This looks expensive but you can use this colour palette and create a look within your budget, even for rental apartments.

Get as much white background as you can for this colour palette to work. For instance, white walls, white flooring. If these are not in white, see if that colour can be used with lavender or not.

Now, add some things in white and some things in this beautiful lavender.

Next, use baby pink in some places. For instance, faux flowers in the above image. Use accessories in neutrals colour such as grey laundry basket in the above image. Find accessories on metallic golden finish to bring together the whole look.

A minimalist bachelorette pad bathroom

For the frugal & no-fuss diva

A modern chic decor

A regal & expensive look

An affordable DIY trick

Bachelorette Pad : Dining Area

dummy text

A shiny clean look

Something nice within budget

A bachelorette pad ready to entertain guests

And even ready for a self-indulgence ritual

For the cute & bubbly personality

Multifunctional storage seating corner for small spaces

Bachelorette Pad : Study-Work Area

A scandinavian decor for freshness

A colourful & trendy bachelorette pad

Bachelorette pad perfect for the readers & writers

A minimalist decor

For the practical go-getter diva

Some comfy corner for a quick laptop work

Bachelorette Pad : Vanity Area

dummy text

A bachelorette pad for the fashionista out there

For the ‘no-fuss over decor’ soul

For the obsessive organiser

A monochromatic bachelorette pad

Your own relaxing getaway from the world outside

For the glamorous social media influencers

Are you ready to start your decor project?

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