DIY Jewel Tones Home Decor : A luxurious Look on a Budget


Get inspired from this mesmerising collection of jewel tones home decor. Also includes easy do-it-yourself decor tips for rental apartments too.

Uplift and transform any interior – bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc. into an enchanting space with jewel tone colours. These rich hues will make you feel living in luxury. You can dress-up or dress-down any area as per your like.

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DIY Jewel Tones Home Decor –

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In case, you are skeptical about adding too much colour, don’t worry – start with a few accessories such as cushions, table decor, wall decor, curtains, rug or a single piece of jewel toned furniture. Moreover, you can –

  • Use single colour such as emerald green or different shades of the same colour.
  • Or pair up two colours such as emerald green with citrine yellow looks brilliant.

This is also easy to do for renters because it is budget friendly and you don’t need to ask permission from your landlord. For a step-by-step guide, read How-to Budget & Decorate Your Rental Apartment. (Now make your rental apartment look picture perfect on a budget.)

If in doubt, choose the jewel tone colours based on how much brightness you want in your room.

For areas with less natural light, add brightness by using shades of citrine yellow, ruby red, etc.

But if there is a lot of light coming into the area, you can balance it out with soothing shades of sapphire blue, emerald green, etc. For jewel tone colour palette inspiration, read here.

For a polished look, use metallic accents throughout the area that give a finished outline and structure to these rich colours.

1. DIY Jewel Tones Bedroom Decor

Upgrade your bedroom into a charming and luxurious space with jewel tone colours. These rich hues will make your bedroom look like a gem.

Furthermore, you can use plush fabrics such as velvet, silk, satin, linen, etc. to further elevate the look by adding sheen and depth of the colour.

For the ultimate guide to jewel tone interior design, read here.

An instant lift with some fabulous cushions!

You can add jewel tone decorative pillows that match the colour palette of your bedroom.

Additionally, metallic colour adds a neat finish to the decor.

Match cushions with curtains & upholstery

An easy and budget friendly idea, for renters as well. In the image above bright citrine yellow cushions matched with the curtains.

Furthermore, the look is balanced out with the neutral shade of coral adds luxury and sophistication at the same time.

For more citrine yellow decor inspiration, read here.

Create a chic look

Work with a neutral palette of white and natural wood colours. Furthermore, add a bright rug and cushions.

Then, finish up the look with some metallic accents. And you are done!

This is a great option for renters as well.

A cozy room to de-stress yourself

Use natural fibres such as linen, cotton, silk etc. for cushions, sheets, quilts.

Then, finish up the look with wood and bamboo furniture for a cozy and warm ambience.

Also, a rug in contrast colour would bring the whole decor together.

A sophisticated blue

Use a neutral colour palette as the background of the room. Then add one or two jewel tones for an easy makeover.

If you are renting out an apartment that has white walls as a neutral background, you can easily achieve this look.

For more sapphire blue decor inspiration, read here.

An adventurous blue

In another case, painting a section of the wall with a jewel tone adds colour and brightness without overwhelming the eyes.

This also simplifies the task of choosing other decor accessories for the area.

For instance, the sapphire blue on the wall makes it easier to create the rest of the colour palette for the room.

Play with different shades of jewel tones

As an illustration, multiple shades of coral pink matched with multiple shades of emerald green.

Also, it’s easy for rental apartments with white walls as well by adding colours somewhere else.

If you are painting a wall other than white

Choose a beautiful shade of jewel tone to create a mesmerising interior.

As shown above, the background wall painted in teal is matched with contrasting coral shades of the fabrics and upholstery to create an exotic look. Moreover, adding a rug in a shiny velvet/ fur fabric brings out a great finish to the overall look.

Furthermore, renters can choose a removable wallpaper or a big wall art in that colour, in case the rental apartment has white walls.

2. DIY Jewel Tones Living Room Decor

Since, a lot of time is spent in the living room doing a lot of different things. In other words, this space is versatile in usage. Moreover, this space is also used by all family members and therefore, should provide comfort and function to all.

Thus, the interior design of the living room should be energetic or calm based on the uses you have in mind. Similarly, the type of furniture should correspond to your needs.

For instance, if the living room would mostly be used for leisure, then having a comfortable and cozy furniture placed in a soothing decor will be appropriate.

Moreover, jewel tones give you such a large range of colours to choose from. So, choose the right shade for a soothing effect or some energy. For the ultimate guide to jewel tone interior design, read here.

Decorative cushions for an easy fix

Undoubtedly, cushions are a great way begin with or experiment. So, mix and match the cushions with the current interior decor.

Additionally, this is a budget friendly solution if you are looking to upgrade your interior without spending too much money.

Replace a single piece of furniture in jewel tone

Adding a jewel tone without disturbing the rest of the decor of your living room can be certainly achieved by replacing a single piece of furniture that goes with the rest of the decor.

Feel like a royal with purple jewel tones

Purple jewel tone home decor radiates luxury like nothing else. Undoubtedly, you can achieve it with even a single piece of furniture.

As shown above, the tufted velvet sofa in purple shade makes a great statement piece for your living room.

Pair up two jewel tones for some sophistication

Evidently, jewel tones can be mixed and matched for creating an eclectic space. For example, sapphire blue paired with ruby red is enough to make a bold statement that you need nothing else.

Furthermore, you can add some metallic accents to bring the whole look together.

Jewel tone pairings for some coziness

Image source

An all white background is a perfect canvas for ruby red sofa and sapphire blue chair to stand out.

As shown above, the sofa with a lot of cushions along with the plush rug welcomes you to have a comfortable experience in this living room. Moreover, the golden framed tables and wall art add the missing bling to the area.

And again, this look is easy to achieve in rental apartments as well.

For more ruby red decor inspiration, read here.

Painting one or two walls in jewel tone

Image source

If you are considering to re-paint the walls, then jewel tones can be a great option to add some colour in the room.

Basically, you can paint one or two walls in bright colours and keep the rest of the colour palette on the neutral side. As shown above, the teal wall makes a great contrast with the rest of the room in shades of natural wood.

A flawless and expensive look on a budget

Match the sofa and the rug for an easy coherent look.

Furthermore, you can start with finding a rug as your statement piece and pick colours from it for the upholstery.

This is also a great option for renters.

Living rooms also used as formal drawing rooms

Create a structured and formal look when you entertain a lot of guests in your home. The trick is to mix and match colours as well as print patterns. For instance, in the above image solid pattern such as emerald green velvet sofa and camel coloured leather is matched with geometric patterned purple rug.

Moreover, different structural elements add balance to the overall symmetry of the room. For instance, in the given image, the geometric accent lines of the rug and cushions along with neatly arranged wall art.

The middle art piece adds a beautiful splash of contrast colour to the room. Also, the golden framed glass centre table adds a finishing touch.

3. DIY Jewel Tones Bathroom Decor

These bright and rich hues can transform your bathroom into an inviting space. Jewel tone bathroom decor works best for areas with dull paint or bathrooms that look old and dirty.

Jewel tones decor is also a great option for small bathrooms as they can feel stuffy and congested. As jewel tones can effortlessly add brightness and make it feel more spacious.

Furthermore, take jewel tone decor to the next level by simply adding metallic accents colours in fabrics, upholstery, lamps, tables. door knobs, etc. For the ultimate guide to jewel tone interior design, read here.

A jewel toned washbasin

Washbasins in white or other neutral colours are very common. In case you are looking for something, jewel tone washbasins can be a great addition.

You can opt for a glass basing or may be a ceramic one. You can be extra creative and find something that can be transformed into a washbasin. Additionally, you may match it with the same jewel tone framed mirror.

This is primarily not for renters unless they are thinking of replacing the current sink.

Jewel toned accessories

A great way for limited budget projects. For example, bath towels can be updated in bright jewel tones that match the rest of the bathroom colour palette.

Other items that can be replaced are rugs, wash cloths, bath robes, curtains, etc. These items can be of the same colour or in contrast with their complementary shades of jewel tones.

Additionally, this is a great option for renters to consider for their rental apartment.

Bright jewel toned walls

Not happy with the colour of the bathroom walls? Or may be looking for the perfect shade to paint a new bathroom?

Try a jewel toned paint colour or a wallpaper. Renters can opt for removable wallpapers. You can do a single wall or a portion of a wall in jewel tone colours.

For more sapphire blue decor inspiration, read here.

Add some tropical green

Transform our bathroom into an inviting tropical space by using white and shades of emerald green. For more emerald green decor inspiration, read here.

Moreover, take it to the next level by choosing a wallpaper with tropical leaves print. Find some creative ways to add foliage to the decor.

A monochromatic colour palette

In case you prefer a sophisticated and minimal look, go for a monochromatic decor. Use a bunch of different shades of the same colour throughout the bathroom.

Use metallic accents to create a polished look.

Splash of colour with a neutral background

Create a modern decor with a neutral colour palette, clean structured lines & frames with usage of stainless steel.

Add a splash of colour in a few things to make them stand out.

Purple jewel tones to add some a royal touch

If you are one of those who prefers to feel like royalty when you step into the bathroom, then purple jewel tone decor is the way to go.

Use golden accents such as mirror frames, handles and knobs to add some bling to the interior.

Keep the rest of the colour palette neutral to avoid being overwhelmed by colour.

For more amethyst purple decor inspiration, read here.

Emerald jewel tones for Moroccan feel

Nothing beats a moroccan inspired decor if you are want to create a bright & colourful bathroom. The trick is to use moroccan inspired bath accessories to bring the whole look together.

This decor would definitely convert your bath time into a mini vacation to relax and rejuvenate.

Are you ready to start your decor project?

In case, you need guidance, we are here for you. Schedule a free online consultation.

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