The Ultimate Guide on How-to Budget & Decorate Your Apartment

(Savvy Tips for Renters too!)

How-to create a colour palette for your rental apartment?

describe anatomy of a colour palette


If you are renting out a home, start by going through the things you already own and note the following details –

  • colours – bright colours, neutrals, different shades of the same colour etc.
  • materials – type of wood & it’s colours, glass, plastic, metal finish, kitchen appliances, etc.
  • fabrics – linen, satin, silk, cotton, canvas, etc.

Now, you can either buy new stuff in the same colour palette and of the same material or same metallic finish etc. Or add new colours that match with the existing one.

For instance, if you are looking to buy some new furniture pieces, take a look on the furniture you already own – the colour of the wood, its type etc. Try to find the new furniture in the same colour for a more coherent interior look.

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