Create Colour Palette For Your Home

Bored with the current colours in your home?

Or maybe the current colours do not go with your personality?

Too many colours with closing moods ? 

Tell us your favourite colour and we will decorate/design your place based on it.

Plan Your Interior Space

Too much clutter in rooms?

Let’s analyse your current space plan.

Or create a new space plan from the scratch.

We help our clients to create a smart functional plan that has space to keep all the things you own.

We specialise in finding decor solutions for RENTERS that are affordable and do not go against your landlord rules.

DIY Decor

Want to decorate yourself but confused where to begin from ? 

Don’t worry.

Let’s create a mood board of your inner decor desires and vision. This will give you focus and a starting point for your own decor journey.

We specialise in finding decor solutions for RENTERS that are affordable and do not go against your landlord rules.

Holiday / Vacation Rental’s Decor

Do you own a holiday rental property that needs a new life or maybe a fresh ambience to attract the top paying guests.

eShopping Services

Hand over your shopping list to us!

If you have a definite idea of what you want but don’t know where to get it from or simply don’t have the time. 

We will find it for you so that you can choose from the shortlisted options saving you a lot of time. 

We primarily recommend Indian brands that have fantastic quality products. Today, people want great quality products and are ready to pay for it. But there is a lack of accessibility to such products.

Room Review

If you are not sure where to begin with, no need to worry. 

Send us a photo of the room / living space that you want to change. We will get back to you with our review and a vision plan.


  1. Book a service the suits your need.

    Fill up an application form stating your needs & aspirations. Along with some photos of the rooms / living space you want to work on.

  2. Discuss & Discover –

    Discuss on a video call about the initial plan & suggestions. We will explore your favored design aesthetic, what you value most, and what you like to collect or display.
    Our focus is to create an interior space for YOU that combines functionality & high style in a way that you can maintain.

  3. Initial Suggestion –

    We will show you the first draft based on the things we discussed in the previous step. You may suggest updates or changes at this time.

  4. Final Design

    A developed presentation of your vision. If any changes are made, they will be addressed in a follow-up presentation.

  5. Completion / Putting Together –

    We will procure the new furnishings, accessories, etc. online/ offline. Installation would be done by us or client, depending upon the nature and extent of the project. 

    This step may take from 1 – 5 days or more, depending upon the delivery of the furnishings, etc.

Our process aims at creating a space that –

  • has a good flow of shape & symmetry, 
  • Is functional enough to hide away your clutter & make it easy for you to do your household chores comfortably.
  • Has lots of natural light and spaces to take in the outside views.
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