The Ultimate DIY Guide to Jewel Tone Interior Design


A complete DIY guide to jewel tone interior design ideas for creating a luxurious and polished look. Also, get tips on how-to decorate with jewel tones without wasting too much money.

Who doesn’t love jewels, right? Given that, it would be a great idea to use jewel tone colours to decorate your space either from the start or just upgrade by adding a few things to your current interior.

1. What are jewel tones and their names?

Basically, jewel tones are colours that resemble gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, citrine, etc. In general, the colours of these jewels are richly saturated hues. Consequently, these can add depth & feel of luxury in any interior design scheme.

Obviously, using a jewel-tone palette in your residential space is a great way to add a sense of luxury & warmth. Surprisingly, jewel tone colours help you achieve that royal look without breaking the bank.

jewel tone colours

2. Basics for jewel tone decor. What you should know before you start decorating?

Without doubt, before you start making actual changes, create a colour palette based on the area you are going to cover –

  • colour palette when decorating your rental apartment vs an apartment that you own. 
  • colour palette when decorating an apartment vs a house. 

Generally, jewel tones work best in areas where there is ample amount of light coming in. Therefore, rooms which receive sunlight for most of the day are the best candidates for jewel toned decor.

Firstly, you can add a few accessories such as table decor, wall decor, lamps, cushions, floor rug etc.

At this point, notice the change in the look & feel of the space.

But if you still feel there is room, then add some more colour. 

emerald green geometric pattern cushion
Emerald Green Cushion (source)

Take jewel tone decor to the next level, by layering it up –

a.) Add sofa upholstery or curtains draping.

After cushions, add jewel tone curtains straightaway. Surely, you can use either one jewel tone colour or match two or more tones as well.

In case you are skeptical of adding too much colour, you may go with lighter shades of the jewel tone.

Emerald green-mustard curtains (source)

b.) Add a piece of furniture

Undeniably, a sofa, a coffee table, a console table, etc. in jewel tone can be used as a statement piece or the focal point of the room.

Emerald green velvet sofa (source)

c.) Paint a nook or a wall in a jewel tone that goes with the rest of the decor.

Choose bright tones such as citrine yellow to improve lighting.

On the other hand, use darker tones such as sapphire blue in areas with too much sunlight.

sapphire blue ceiling
Sapphire blue ceiling (source)

Becoming expert in jewel tone decor-

In time, when you are confident with the choice, transform the complete interior look by getting inspired from the following –

a.) Mix a few complementary jewel tones to create a luxurious look. 

As can be seen, this warm palette interior consists of shades of amethyst purple, sapphire blue, citrine yellow. Coupled with bursts of ruby red across the room to create an elevated and royal look.

On balance, emerald green walls create a serene background for the decor.

Shades of amethyst Purple, sapphire blue & citrine yellow (source)

b.) Create a defined contrast.

To begin with, pick one jewel tone. Then, pair it with a neutral colour palette across the room to create a sophisticated modern look.

Ruby red with white neutral interior (source)

c.) Create a monochromatic look by using different shades of a single jewel tone.

In case you are not sure of the colour palette, pick one jewel tone.

Surprisingly, you can use multiple shades of that single colour to beautifully create a sophisticated & luxurious look.

Monochromatic sapphire blue decor (source)

3. FAQs for jewel tone interior decor

  1. Which is the most affordable way to create a jewel tone interior ?

    Generally, based on the existing colour palette of the room you want to decorate, you can buy accessories (such as cushions, showpieces, wall decor, curtains, etc.) in the jewel tones that go with the existing colour palette. Undoubtedly, this is also the easiest way to begin with jewel tone decor. Subsequently, you can always change such things if the jewel colours don't work out for you.

    By comparison, there is no need to spend money on changing the wall colour or the furniture, as these can be more permanent changes to manage in case you don't like the finished result.

  2. Are there any particular fabrics that enhance the look of the jewel-tone decor ?

    Yes, there are certain fabrics that elevate the sense of luxury in the jewel colours.
    For example, use fabrics such as velvet, chenille, brocade, chiffon, khaki, silk, etc.
    Because these fabrics are luxurious to touch and thus, provide depth to the rich hues of jewel tones in your interior decor. 

    Finally, you can elevate the interior look by using metallic accents such as brass, gold & silver finish. Because these will beautifully balance out the use of textile in the interior look as well as give it a more polished & luxurious look.

4. Jewel tone colour palette inspiration : PICK YOUR COLOUR

In essence, jewel tones are such unique hues of the colours. Thus, using them in your interior decor can be both, fun and challenging. Moreover, they bring a touch of luxury with them. Given that, the look can still be easily affordable.

Get some inspiration for your next DIY project !

emerald green colour palette
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ruby red jewel tone colour palette
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sapphire blue jewel tone decor
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citrine yellow jewel tone decor
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amethyst purple jewel tone decor
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5. DIY jewel tone HOME DECOR

So far we have seen how jewel tones can magically transform your interior. We have organised jewel tone decor based on each area of your home specifically.

Click below to the room you are interested in to see more images for inspiration.

Are you ready to start your decor project?

In case, you need guidance, we are here for you. Schedule a free online consultation.

Follow us on social media and share images and thoughts with us.

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